Oh Hello…sorry I didn’t realize you walked in, I was lost in thought. Kind of easy to do since ya know, hanging on a wall. It’s not like I have anything better to do than observe. What was I thinking about again? Hmm…I just had it but the line of patrons threw me off. Ah, Yes! I was watching those two over in the corner. They haven’t been here before, I would remember if they had.(I never forget a Face or in this case two) I was watching their conversation unfold. He has the bluest eyes, dirty blonde hair and a sturdy build. The girl directly across from him is listening intently with golden brown eyes, blonde/brown curls and a real gentle smile. I doubt this is  their first date, but now I’m not so sure. I’ve seen plenty of first dates and plenty of last ones too. (That’s another story for another day) But these two are different, I can tell they care for each other but I think they’re holding their cards close to their chest. From my perspective… up here anyways- I don’t always get to see the ending ya know? Where they’ll go from here- I enjoy a good love story but being on the wall allows for only so much of the plot.

The lovely couple’s future

 So this is where you found me. Staring at this curious “not couple” talking over coffee. Wondering whether one of them has enough courage to tell the other how they feel. I see the start of all your stories but the end? To no avail. Don’t worry my imagination will finish the story for them. I can see it now- the lovely couple from the coffee shop with kids in tow coming to visit about 10 years from now. He’ll be working his dream job and she’ll be the perfect dance or soccer mom. Yes that will be the end or rather the beginning of their story. Don’t you love that it’s just that easy to finish the story and glimpse into the future? So enjoy your coffee and keep hanging around, you might find yourself a story to start.

In the Corner

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