From the moment you open the doors, a sense of peace overwhelms the senses. A strong smell of coffee, teas, and assorted pastries fill your nostrils. You’re calmed but also invigorate. There’s something about this place. The inviting laughter and familiar smiles warm your soul. You’ll see many that call this place their own. You won’t be able to walk in without running into friends and family. Others will quickly become friends and family. The rustic feel is unlike any other. This can easily be felt the moment you walk in. From the wagon wheels by the door to old subway tiles up the walls. Circa has a strange sensation. It’ll find a place in your heart, call it home and never leave. Circa Coffee House’s unique style of modern and rustic has no equal.

Once you’ve had your coffee, there’s an additional world to explore just around the bend, Circa Antiques. Like the Coffee House the antique store is strangely captivating. If you haven’t been in the last few days you haven’t been there at all. Circa Antiques is constantly conforming to vintage perfection as the pieces come and go. The atmosphere stays unchanged(unlike the layout).

Once you’ve fallen for Circa as a whole, you can’t tear away. Call it an addiction or obsession, but either way the rustic southern charm will give you no power over its spell. So while you’re under Circa’s spell you might as well enjoy it. Walk about the store for hours, get sucked into the history lining the walls. Lose yourself in the smells and sounds, as Circa becomes the only place you desire to spend your free time. Trust us, some people seem to live there. The spell may wear off(this has yet to happen) or you’ll be hooked on this small town place that has enthralled many before you. Good Coffee and an antique store like no other. What’s wrong with that? We’d say it’s a win, win. 

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